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John Mair & Co. was established in Inverell in 1986. We are an independant family owned and operated company. We service Inverell and North West New England area, and surrounding areas with Rural Property, Semi-Rural, Hobby Farms, Residential Property, Vacant Land and Acreage. We have over 35 years experience in Clearing Sales and Livestock, with weekly Cattle and fortnightly Sheep/Lamb sales, Store Cattle Sales, Paddock and Over the Hook sales and Auctions Plus livestock marketing. John started in the agency game in Wagga Wagga.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012
Written by Matt Mair   

We have joined a few social networks so that you can easily connect with us online, the way you want. They include Facebook, Twitter, Feed Burner, Google Plus and Linked In. You can access them from the handy button at the top right of every page. I will be managing these pages and adding new properties, livestock and houses to them on a regular basis.


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